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tv   News  Al Jazeera  August 13, 2014 3:00am-3:31am EDT

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24 people are killed in two separate a tacked in baghdad. one near a home owned by the newly-appointed prime minister. >> the type on mount sinjar is he is personally harrowing. >> urging the community to do more for islamic fleeing -- pleaing islamic state fighters. i am laura kyle, this is al jazerra live from doha. also ahead on the program. u.s. president barack obama calls for calm from st. louis
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following unrest following a police shooting a black teenager, lauren bacall a star from hollywood's golden era has died at the age of 89. >> you know how to whistle, don't you, steve? you just put your lips together and blow. ♪ ♪ at least two dozen people were killed in two separate bombings in the iraqi capital. in one of them, a suicide bomber set off explosive at a checkpoints near the home owned by the newly-appointed prime minister. outgoing prime minister is rejecting the new prime minister and rejecting calls for him to step aside. maliki has ordered the armed force to his stay out of this political crisis but iraqi
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insiders say his stand against the newly-appointed prime minister is still plunging the war-torn country in to political chaos. >> i think he will try very hard. he has many supporters. but i don't think really he will enjoy -- achieve anything by really having meetings or getting some people, because the decision has been made. the decision has been taken to support the new prime minister and by the majority of the shias, so i mean, i think all of these meetings will be in vain. [ inaudible ] protection,. [ inaudible ] profession, the national alliance will not protect you, you will be alone. if he stays alone, he will be finished. the united nations a warning 30,000 yazidis trapped on a mountain in iraq could soon be massacred. the refugees from the i can't seed is relidge us minority he
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is saint to the sinjar mountain, they would told to convert to islam or die. the u.n. says they are in extreme peril. >> the plight of yazidis and others on mount sinjar is especially harrowing. u.n. humanitarian personnel are in the area doing all what we can. air drops of foot and water are reaching some of the trapped people. but the situation on the mountain is dire. >> kurdish forces have helped some yazidis plea the mountain by creating a safe passage for them. a refugees camp in syria is struggle to go meet their needs. thousands more are expected to arrive and they'll need tents, medical food and attention. >> translator: nearly 100 percent of them have blisters on their feet because they walked for a long time. in general, they are very weak. there are many cases of dehydration, both the young and
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elderly. severe dehydration which means they immediately need liquids, some fell so we have fractures and infected wounds caused by shot gun. >> the situation in the camp still kind of primitive. we are trying to improve to to make it better to increase the tents. lots of people are without tents, toilets need to be increase today take care of the numbers. for now the estimated number 12,000 persons. that might increase. some are leaving, some are staying but we are doing our best to upgrade the standards of the camp so it's at least gaining rare dignity. >> let's speak now it tower correspondents joining us live from erbil. let's look at these attacks in bagdad one very close to the prime minister just a day after he's been nominated. >> reporter: yes, that is one of his homes. we understand that he wasn't there at the time. we are still not sure whether
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his home was the actual target. the explosion went off at a checkpoint in the neighborhood. what we have been seeing really over recent weeks and months is increasingly more and more suicide attacks, a lot of them in shia areas. now, there has been no claim of responsibility, some iraqi officials pointing the finger at al qaeda-linked groups. it's very hard for us to confirm who is responsible, but clearly this is yet another message, a message from some party telling -- saying that we reject the political process in baghdad, like you mentioned, the new prime minister has been nominated, he now has the task of to remembering a government, a broad-based inclusive government. it's not going to be an easy task. a lot of iraqi political parties as well as groups in the country have welcomed this as a first stem. but it's just a first step. it's going to be very difficult and for the security situation
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to improve, what you need is to have political stability. it's not just stability. you need national unity and recognize sill chris between t reconciliation between the various groups as we know there are a lot of grievances in the iraq sunni community. they feel that the see shia-led government by nouri al-maliki has been targeting them and marginal icing them. this is not just a question of replacing a man, this is going to be a question of reforming a system in order to get all of iraq's political factions on board. >> yes, and the pace of those political developments really not keeping up with the urgency of the humanitarian situation there in the north. we've got a u.n. expert warning that yazidis could face a massacre within days or even hours. >> reporter: exactly. the u.n. is warning of a potential genocide. we understand up to 20,000 i can't seeyazidis are strand odda
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mountain top. nobody is able to help them. we understand that the u.s. has sent more military advisers to erbil to try to draw up some sort of a plan to assess the humanitarian situation. will that involve men on the ground to be able to evacuate these people. it's still not clear. the u.s. action has been very limited in the sense that they are providing humanitarian assistance to these people, air drops of food and desperately needed supplies. they are also carrying out air strikes to prevent an advance of the islamic state group in to kurdish territories, but this is going to be a very difficult fight. yesterday we managed to speak to officials on the ground, they are complaining, they are saying, yes, the u.s. military is helping us us but all they are giving us is ammunitions what we need is heavy weapons this order to confront the islamic state group. we went to a town which was recently captured by kurdish forces but what we saw is that people still don't feel safe and still don't feel comfortable. as we approached the entrances,
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we saw a stream of vehicles heading out. people returned to the town south west of erbil, only to pack what they could and leave yet again. it was in the hands of the islamic state group for a few days. on sunday, kurdish forces recaptured it. but not without a fight. and not without the help of the u.s. air force. but many of the 40,000 kurdish residents still don't feel safe. >> next door and that there it, that's why i am moving, because i don't want to die for nothing. >> reporter: islamic state group fighters treat bud they are not far a way, it is hard to see how an ill equipped force can can hold this open ground if it weren't for u.s. air strikes, those strikes started on friday. after islamic state group fighters rapidly advanceed in to areas controlled by the kurds in northern iraq. this was the only territory they managed to retake. kurdish troops are stretched
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thin. this is one of many frontlines in northern iraq. kurdish forces now share a 1,000-kilometer border with the islamic state group. that group is well armed. it managed to capture u.s.-made vehicles, arms from the iraqi army when they abandoned their positions in june. officials are asking international community for more military support. so far the your honor has provide them with ammunition but that's not enough. they want heavy womens because the islamic state group's intention is to targetser bell. >> president obama position has helped us when they attack by their airplanes, that isis is on the ground, we are supporting our fighters there so i believe it's very important to continue with the support otherwise, they
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are dangerous. >> reporter: it is about an hour's drive frommer bell. the cap to have kurdish region, for now, the u.s. air strikes have slowed down the islamic state's advance. but kurdish officials acknowledge supporting them won't be easy without the support of sunnis who have allied with them against the shia-led government. the communities need to unite if they are to get rid of what many now see as a growing threat to the country. we have to remember it's not only the islamic state group fighting on the ground, there are other sunni armed groups and they took up arms against the shia-led government because they feel marginalized and targeted. we haven't heard from their position concerning the u.s. air strikes and their position concerning the nomination of a new prime minister and whether or not they will switch sides and take up arms against the islamic state. so we are at the beginning there is caw shippings optimism that the political deadlock will end but it will take a lot of time.
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>> thanks very much for joining us there from erbil with the latest from northern iraq. well, the u.s. defense secretary says america will deploy 130 more military ahead vicaradvisers to northern iraq o assess the humanitarian crisis there. the u.s. is currently carrying out air strikes against islamic state targets. chuck hagel spoke to marines at camp pendleton in california. >> i recommended to the president and the president has authorized me to go ahead and sendtosend about 130 new assesst team members up to northern iraq in the erbil area to take a closer look and give a more in-depth assessment of where we can continue to help the iraqis.
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with what they are doing. and the threats that they are now dealing with. ♪ ♪ thousands demonstrators have marched through the streets in the gaza strip in support of hamas. they are showing political confidence in hamas after more than 1,950 people have been killed in attacks by the israeli military which began more than a month ago. palestinian leaders are negotiating a longer truce with israel have remained the revival the gaza's points port one of their key demands, they haven't been able to trade or travel freely since the stringent border conditions since 2007. >> the opening of the whoings cs and borders say vital issue.
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they need to get something that's worth their sacrifices. the port needs to be independent so we won't be under the control of the surrounding jews and countries so we are in charge of our own daily life and future. hamas' political leader spoke to al jazerra about the situation in gaza and the talks in cairo. >> translator: as you are aware, we dispatched a delegation last week now 11 days have passed. the process was slowed by the israelis. they are deliberately buying time, wasting time, addressing our demands in -- unseriously. we are through the negotiated through the egyptian immediate air i started yesterday. the israelis are still maneuvering, manipulating, bargaining, blackmailing,
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objecting our demands, manipulating words. today there is another round of talks we hope it will yield a breakthrough for a ceasefire and having the he gyms demands met namely lifting the siege on the gaza strip. >> you can hear that full interview on talk to al jazerra this saturday at 4:30 g.m. it. sins israel's assault began more than a month ago. 663 soldiers and three civilians including a thai national have been killed of the bombardment killed 1,950 -- 45 palestinians. the u.n. says nearly three-quarters of them are civilians. 449 children have been killed and almost 10,000 palestinians have been wounded.
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plus more than 209,000 people are seeking shelter in u.n. facilities. tripoli's chief of police has been assassinated by attackers in the libyan capital. he was gunned down in it the eastern suburbs while his two body guards were kidnapped and later released. the attack comes as rivals clash in the city with at least 124 people dead in the latest wave of violence. libya's parliament on tuesday approved a constitutional amendment allowing for the direct election of an interim president. this is the first time that libya has allowed the lex of a president after being ruled by the late lead a muammar ga calf ga calfca calfa for 42 years. a vac sing for the ebola virus. plus. i am rory challands in russia where a new law imposes
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fines on anyone who doesn't declare that they've got dual nationality.
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switch to comcast business internet and get the fastest wifi included. comcast business. built for business. ♪ ♪ hello again. the top story this is hour here on al jazerra. at least 24 people have been killed in two separate bombings in the iraqi capital. one of the blasts happened near the home of the newly-appointed mine minister. and in northern iraq, up to 20,000 yazidi refugees are stranded on a mountain.
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the u.n. says that they are in extreme peril and facing massacred. some restless gees have escaped to a camp in syria with help from kurdish forces. and in lib yeah, members of lahr lament have approved the direct lex of an interim president for the first time in the country's history. at least three people have been killed in the rebel-held ukrainian town. a residential compound was hit by artillery shells. the town is on the frontline of fighting between ukrainian troops and pro-russian separatists. it's also an important route for people fleeing violence in donetsk. that attack came off russia sent a humanitarian aid convoy towards eastern ukraine. but ukraine has refused the trucks' entry because they are they have not been coordinated by the red cross. the fighting has left many to flee. >> reporter: valentina arrived a few days ago from luhansk, she's
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been offered refuge in a friend's house, she's 75 and knew it was time to leave when she was hit by shrapnel. >> shelling start second degree suddenly i just imagined to go in to my yard and a shell fell 20 meters away from me. there was an explosion, lots of dust. shrapnel. small stones. and there was small pieces of metal. at first i thought i was seriously injured. i was lifted up. then i fell down and was deaf for a few hours. my hearing came back to me. buffy couldn't live any long never that place. >> reporter: valentina is staying along with nine other refugees. many have opened up their homes for those who fled the violence. the population of this town has grown by roughly a quarter. and the red cross here has told us that around 10,000 refugees have arrived in the past two months. and that it's time to act.
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>> translator: for the situation to improve the world should support the peaceful people who live here. they should help to avoid the humanitarian disaster, the help that's being given is too small and not sufficient. it's very important the international society help to put an end to it. >> reporter: in the separatist strong holds in donetsk and luhansk, the fighting goes on. people are struggling here and running out of supplies. russia, which has been accused of supporting the separatists, is sending what it says is an aid convoy. ukraine, though, will not let it pass its border unless they have checked what's being sent. >> translator: we don't even consider the possibility of the movement of a russian convoy in to ukrainian territory. this delivery has to be done according to ordinary procedures. delivery to the border, then it has to clear customs in a transit area. we have to involved additional resources and we are ready to do this because of the large amount of aid. the red cross is responsible for
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the coordination and delivery of this aid. >> reporter: all this as valentina and her new family are left to rely on one another, waiting for this conflict to end. so that they can finally try to go home. emma heyward, al jazerra, in eastern ukraine. now, as of this week, russians with dual citizenship have to declare that i foreign passport or risk being criminalized if they haven't done so by september 5th. it's a controversial piece of legislation making human rights organizations unease immaterial rory challe ants reports. >> reporter: in many ways he is a typical russia be drinks in the summer son and lives in howe moscoliveslives inmoscow and can berth certificate. but because he's also israeli he has to register as a dual citizen. he's considering whether to stay here. >> translator: i am concerned about this law. because i think this isn't the end of it. it's just the beginning.
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they may eventually force people to choose between two citizenships. and people don't have any choice about whether to follow it because fine are impressed. >> reporter: human rights groups say the law itself isn't particularly bad, but they are worried about how it might be use. >> there is a huge wave, of. [ inaudible ] hysteria and it seems like the law was indeed adopted very hastily on that anti--western hysteria, that's why we are afraid the implementation is going to be problematic. >> reporter: how many people is this law actually going to effect? how many dual nationals are there there in russia in that's another big question mark because the government has never properly counted. some estimates put the figure as high as 10 million. that's a lot of potential fifth column assists. >> the russian government believes that if some of the
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people are already give part of their hat to another country, probably they will have some duties in their -- another government. and this gives this government like great britain, the united states, it's reasonable to look at carefully. >> reporter: cremcry mecrimeas l the next year, they might pass gray gory as he leaves, rory challands, al jazerra, moscow. canada has donated an experimental vaccine for the ebola virus to the world health organization. the first doses will be used for clinical trials in west africa. the canadian vaccine has so far only been used on animals, the who has agreed to that another untested ebola treatment from the your honor should be sent to effected countries, that's already been used on two americans also on a spanish
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priest who later died. while in west africa guinea has closed its borders for sierra leone for four days to try to stop the spread of he bowl actual that's stranded travelers, cars and trucks are backed up with people running out of food and water. the ebola out break is believed to have begun in guinea before spread to other west african countries, guinea ba sal has also closed its board. u.s. president obama program has called for calm in the city of saint louis, police shooting i've black teenage ore every the weekend sparks nights of rioting and looting. dan easter brook has more from clayton, missouri. >> reporter: anger is spreading in eastern, missouri over michael brown's death. [ chanting ] >> reporter: in clayton, st. louis county seat, demonstrators paraded down streets demanding the media rest of the police officer involved in the shooting. and an end to what they say is a
3:26 am
history of racial profiling here. >> i don't want society to see this as just an african american thing, we just want justice period fork youth, for our people. for people of color, for just all people, period. that is why we are here. >> we don't want a cover up. we are very we are scared and skeptical. we have historically been racially divided. >> reporter: tensions have been high since the teenager was shot saturday during an altercation on the street. the shooting sparked rioting, looting and standoff with cops. ferguson police refuse to name the officer siting a flood of death threats against him and other officers. civil rights activist reverend al sharpton joined brown's parents and attorney in downtown st. louis today. demanding the officer's name and justice for the slain teen. >> no one has the right to take
3:27 am
that child' name and drag it through the mud because you are angry. don't be so angry that you distort the image of who his mother and father told us he was. don't be a traitor to michael brown. >> reporter: but sharpton was clear, he also wanted an end to the violence and rioting. diane estebrook, al jazerra, clayton, missouri. investigators have shared further light on the circumstances in which the comedy legend robin williams was found dead. the 63-year-old oscar winner's body was discovered by an assistant on monday. >> mr. williams' personal assistant became concerned at approximately 11:45 a.m. when he failed to respond to knocks on his bedroom door. at that time, the personal assistant was able to gain access to mr. williams' bedroom and entered the bedroom to find mr. williams clothed in a seated
3:28 am
position, unresponsive with a belt secured around his neck with the other end of the belt regged between the cloth closet door and the door frame. although the primary -- preliminary indication right now indicates this is a suicide, we want to be thorough. we want to make sure that we cover all of our bases, dot all of our "is" and cross all of our "t"s to make sure we don't forget anything or loaf look something critical to the case. hollywood is also mourning the loss of one of its biggest post war stars, she died in her new york home at the age of 89 after a career spanning seven decades. randolph reports. >> you know how to whistle, don't you, steve, you just put your lips together and blow. >> reporter: at 19 years olds lauren ba tall started her career as a sultry fem fatale in the 1944 romance to have and have not. >> what did you do that for?
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>> i was wondering whether i would like it. >> reporter: movie goers fell in love with her right from the start. so did her co-star humphrey bogart. the two were married a year later. quickly becoming the glamorous first couple of american film know or. she caused a stir with pictures with then president harry truman and quickly became hollywood's darling think she starred in three more firms with bow got, they had two more children and were married until his death in 1957. she appeared in dozens of films and won two tonies for her performances in theater. perhaps her greatest artistic achievement came late in her career when she was 73. she was nominated for an oscar and won a golden globe for best supporting access in a mirror has two faces. [cheering and applause] >> reporter: and in 2009 he was given an a honorary academy awad for her 70 year career. >> i can't believe it. a man at last. >> reporter: lauren bacall reportedly died of a extra oak
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tuesday at the age of 89, leaving behind her three children and the legacy as one of the last iconic actors of hollywood's golden age. >> a number of u.s. corporations are claiming foreign countries as their home to save money on tacks. perfectly legal and politically explosive, these tax inversions are want "inside story." >> hello, i'm libby casey.